Featured Sailor Of The Week: Willie McBride

Willie spent the first three years of his life living on a boat in the Santa Barbara harbor, and started racing with the Santa Barbara Sea Shell Association when he was 10 years old.  Check out the videos below to meet Willie!

Willie was recently featured by Nautica’s Ocean2Ocean program for coaching sailing check it out:

In the summer of 2011, Willie competed in the 29er German National Championship, and the 29er European Championship in Switzerland finishing 5th of over 150 teams.  Check out his trip to the venue:

The Youth America’s Cup will require a tremendous amount of practice on the water, but also a lot of time in the gym.  To cross-train, Willie kick boxes regularly.  He is a black belt in Karazenpo Karate, and will begin training in Brazilian Jujitsu this summer.

During the summer after his freshman year of college, Willie sailed with Olympian Stu McNay at the 470 Europeans as well as 2 ISAF World Cup events to fill in for Stu’s crew Graham Biehl who was out with an injury.  Willie considers this trip one of the most influential sailing experiences of his life, and came home with a renewed desire to be one of the elite competitors in the sport.

Sailing Resume Highlights:
1st at 2012 Bacardi Cup (Melges 20)
5th at 2011 29er European Championship
15th at 2010 I420 World Championship
11th at 2009 Kieler Woche (470)
1st at 2009 C420 Midwinter Championship
6th at 2007 ISAF Youth World Championship (29er)


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