“Dennis Conner,  Buddy Melges, Russell Coutts, Ed Baird & Jimmy Spithill, each America’s Cup winning skippers, have proven that it takes more than individual talent to win an America’s Cup. It takes a great team of individuals, focused and working together toward a common goal. It also requires participation from the outside – funding, coaching and moral support.  This team, Quest For The Cup, has lofty goals,  to represent the US and win the first ever Youth America’s Cup.  Let’s do our part to support and cheer on this great young team as they break new ground in the sport of sailboat racing.”
          Peter Isler; Two time America’s Cup winner

“Although there are many talented young sailors out there, its not often they also show the necessary work ethic and commitment which is needed to reach the top. I have had the opportunity to coach, sail and work with most of the team members of this campaign for the Youth America’s Cup and I can honestly say that they have shown the necessary skills and vision to be worthy of such a campaign. I wish them all the best!”
          Chris Rast; 3 time Olympian in 470 and 49er classes (1996, 2004, 2008)
Read Chris’ blog here 

“I have worked with this talented group of sailors for many years, and I have seen first hand that the team members are all winners; they are willing to put in the time and work required to master this new-age class of boat, which few people have ever sailed before. Their diverse experiences in fast boats have given them the right tools to adapt to high performance cat sailing. These guys are the disciplined adrenaline junkies of our sport who will be able to step up to the physical and technical challenges of the AC45.”
          Leandro Spina; US Sailing Olympic Star Coach, former Tornado sailor

Team Maclaren fully supports the Quest For The Cup: Campaign For The Youth America’s Cup. The team has an incredible amount of talent, across a wide spectrum of areas, and all of which will be necessary to achieve their goal – to be the USA team to beat and bring home the trophy. The team, sailors, coaches etc, have a tough road ahead; they have already demonstrated they are capable of hard work. Their work ethic and determination will hold them in good stead as they work together to form the cohesive unit that will make them champions.
          Team Maclaren: Anna Tunnicliffe-Funk (Olympic Gold Medalist, 2008), Molly
          Vandemoer, and Debbie Capozzi


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