Board Members

Team Quest for the Cup has established a core group of individuals who are dedicated to providing their support and knowledge to our campaign.  We have established a “Board of Directors” and a “Board of Advisors.” Each board has been vital to our campaign.  The Board of Directors are directly involved with our team and help determine what decisions and choices Team QFTC takes.  The Board of Advisors provides Team QTFC with a sounding board of ideas and advice.  Both Boards are composed of individuals who have mounted their own successful campaigns.  We have America’s Cup champions, World champions, and Olympic medalists.  Team QFTC graciously thanks these individuals for contributing their time and efforts to our campaign.

Board of Directors
John Sangmeister; former America’s Cup Winner (1987)
Elizabeth Kratzig; 2012 Women’s Match Racing Bronze Medalist (Team 7 Match Racing)
Leandro Spina; US Sailing Olympic Coach
Board of Advisors
Howard Hamlin; 18 Foot Skiff, 5o5 & I14 World Champion
JJ Fetter; Olympic Silver and Bronze Medalist
Dave Dellenbaugh; Winning America’s Cup tactician, author of “Speed and Smarts
Peter Isler; 2 time America’s Cup Winner (navigator), 5 AC campaigns

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